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How does Instant Agent work?

Instant Agent is a simple service, here's how it works:
1. A buyer walks past a property that you are selling, sees your sign, sends a text to the number
on the signboard.
2. The buyer receives an instant message with property details, price and contact information.
3. You get an instant email with their contact number and the property they are interested in.

How will buyers know about Instant Agent?

There will be a clear sign outside the property, marketing by the agent and a marketing campaign
by Instant Agent. This is a service that will get more and more popular until it becomes second
nature to buyers. We at Instant Agent have a simple principle: we don't charge for the service
(unlike other providers) so you can afford to use us now for all your properties. It's simple to use
and another string to your bow.

Do I need any software?

No, each time you list a property you simply log on to the Instant Agent website and input the
details – it takes minutes and is instantly live!
How much do the sign boards cost?

We charge you once for what it costs us to produce and distribute the boards that attach to your sign
boards. Other companies charge far too much, we charge £50. You will receive everything you
need to get going.

Can the property boards be used again?

Yes. Once a property is sold/let just move the board to the next property. When you list it on Instant
Agent the previous property's details are over-written. Simple!

What about training/support?

There is a 24 hour contact number on the site, we are available for free support anytime. We can
train your staff to use it, though it is designed to be self-explanatory. It's easy to use.

Are there any ongoing costs?

No, you will have everything you need to start using straight away. You should have enough boards
for twice as many properties as you will ever have listed. Replacement boards are pennies to buy
and we monitor usage, so we will know if you are getting short of boards.

Why is text messaging better than just phoning the agent?

It a matter of personal preference, but many people will see a board out of hours, not want to speak
to the agent or simply want the price. This system gives them the option, and you get the lead!

Will the service work with all mobile phone service providers?

Yes, this system works with all providers

Where do I sign up?

Go to or phone the help line.



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